Red nose brigade

Red nose brigade is a long term project which document a gathering of activists clowns founded on January 14, 2018 (7th anniversary of the Tunisian revolution) in which it aims to make the art of the pittery dangerous again ,bringing it back to the streets , reclaiming its power of non-violent disobedience, and restoring what once used to be its social function. The group is composed from 5-9 members, they came from different fields : activists, students, unemployed, workers ...etc They share almost the same vision, The need of a new way to protest as they are thinking that classic methods of protesting are not up to date and can't deliver their messages for gender equality , social equality, freedom of speech ..etc This the first time that a group of people from different political views (from centrist to leftist) choose to form a group to protest. I've chosen to follow them and to document the clowns who are protesting in the names of every Tunisian, as they said.